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8 Days


The Paganella plateau, a true gem of the Brenta Dolomites. Let yourself be captivated by its history, the peaks and the imposing rock faces, its nature in the truest form and colours. Smile at the wolf and the brown bear in the Animal Park, enjoy the Molveno lake and the facilities designed for children, walk along the paths and streets, while discovering the hospitality and friendliness of the locals. Discover Paganella and its magical atmosphere. Here you can feel at home. 


Tour programme

Day 1:

Altopiano Della Paganella

Arrival on your own at Paganella resort Check in, dinner and overnight.

Day 2:


Hotel breakfast. Discovering ANDALO: between the Brenta Dolomites and the pine forests of Paganella mountain, Andalo is a mountain village located at 1.040 m, a group of scattered farmsteads and a residential area. The settlement dates back to the Middle Ages: the first settlers came from Banale and Giudicarie valleys.The so called "Anderlesi", the inhabitants of Andalo, are hard workers and enthusiastic people. A bronze monument displayed in the main square celebrates everyone who passed through here their work: a woodcutter in a dynamic pose, with an axe in one hand and wood in the other.

From the parking of the lift station 2001, you’ll take the cable car up to 2.125 mt.: from here you’ll realize how small we are and how many wonders can be seen. Thanks to the trail network, you'll enjoy extraordinary views. The most beautiful Alpine flowers grow here: crocus, peony, trollius, arnica, gentianella, rhododendron, soldanella, nigritella, and the characteristic edelweiss. 
Lunch on you own. In the afternoon: minigolf. The Andalo minigolf course counts 18 holes and it’s located near the sports centre. You can rent the necessary equipment to have fun with your family or with friends.Dinner and overnight.

Day 3:

Molveno - Forest Park

After the breakfast, departure to Molveno. You are at the entrance gate of the Brenta Dolomites: in front of you the mountain peaks look in the deep blue waters of Lake Molveno.

Molveno is a beautiful town on the shores of a lake, 864 m above sea level. Here nature and well-being are protected and treated with respect as two great treasures.Lake Molveno was awarded by the Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) in 2006: a quality recognition by the Touring Club Italiano to small towns for excellence in tourism, hospitality and the environment. Are you ready to become a young Indiana Jones, improving your agility and balance so that you can compete with squirrels? Are you ready to be suspended in mid-air between ancient fir tree trunks, breathtaking cableways and Tibetan footbridges?And again: are you ready to be enchanted by a magical place where you can climb and jump safely from one tree to another? The Forest Park is an adventure park with trails a few metres off the ground on walkways and crossings between tree trunks, secured by ropes. It is located at Pradel resort, above Molveno, surrounded by spruce and beech trees; it can mìbe reached  by the Molveno-Pradel cable car or on foot, either from Andalo or from Molveno. There are 6 skill trails of varying difficulty for adults and children aged 4 (and over), accompanied by professional instructors. Lunch on you own. In the afternoon, visit to an educational farm: you will have the opportunity to see the animals spending the summer in the mountain pastures and finding out what they eat and how they live. You will meet funny alpine cows, or the goats that love to stay with children; you can ride a donkey, visit the barns, milk the cows and learn how to prepare cheese from the very beginning. It will be also the perfect chance to taste a tasty natural yoghurt. Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 4:

Altopiano della Paganella – Animal Park

Hotel breakfast. What are you waiting for? The brown bears in the Spormaggiore Animal Park live in very similar conditions to their wild counterparts. Their fence extends for about 7000 sq mt in a quiet and wooded area. Next to them there are wolves, in an forest that spans 3,500 sq m.Two large strategically placed observatories will let you to get a closer look to them in semi-natural conditions. Within the two fenced off areas, there are large trees like beeches, spruces and larches, as well as bushy areas interspersed with open areas and even a small stream with pools and small waterfalls, in order to recreate their typical environment. There is a 30 sq. mt. aviary housing eagle owls, but you can also see wild cats, lynxes and foxes. To complete the Park's offer there is also a petting farm, refreshment areas, an Alpine lake, a playground for young children and a video room with 20 seats, so that you can watch documentaries about the Adamello Brenta National Park and the brown bears. The Animal Park is also a clinic which looks after unfit animals coming from zoos, so that they can recover and live in decent conditions. In Trentino the Park is unique in its structure and philosophy: it has long-term projects aiming to preserve the Alpine fauna. Lunch on your own. In the afternoon you can visit the “Bears House”, the interactive museum of the Bear.  The Beekeeping farm at Castel Belfort is one km away from the bears house: high quality honey of acacia, linden, sunflower and others are producted here. possible honey tasting. Dinner and overnight.


Day 5:

Altopiano della Paganella – Horse riding

Hotel breakfast and free time. Lunch on your own. In the afternoon, the horse riding Centre in Andalo gives you the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, learning or improving your skills. English or American horse riding technique? Instructors are there just for you!  You can ride in the countryside, on a horse riding field, in the horse riding arena measuring 40x80 m or on trails suitable for horses. All the equipment necessary for horse riding can be rented. And now change of clothes! You’ll have dinner in a mountain hut, with the transfer by jeep. A culinary experience, with a choice of local Tortei de Patate, Canederli, Polenta and many other typical dishes. Return to the hotel and overnight.


Day 6:

Mountain Bike

Hotel breakfast. Today you’ll discover the territory on two wheels, a sport but also a way of life. Mountain biking is the perfect summer activity for those who want an active but risk-free holiday. Suitable for all ages, beginners and experienced with a variety of different disciplines. One of the paths is completely nestled in the wood, reaching Tana dell’ermellino hut. Here a snack is awaiting you! Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.


Day 7:

Paganella – Canoa

Breakfast at the hotel. it’s canoeing time!  The crystal-clear waters of Lake Molveno reflect the peaks of the surrounding Brenta Dolomites and cultural treasures, such as the local water mill (still working!) or the 13th century San Vigilio church, waiting to be discovered. Lunch on you own. free time in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight.

Day 8:


Breakfast, check out and departure.


Covid requirements

In order to protect all the participants and people involved in the activity, we kindly request to avoid the participation on case of one of these symptoms: 

- Temperature higher than 37.5
- Cough, Sore throat or breathing difficulty
- Fadigue, muscle or body anches 

We also request to let us know if you've been with symptomatic people in the last 14 days or if you come from a risk area (declared as such byt authorities) in the last 14 days. 
By taking part at the above activity, you implicitly confirm you are free by these listed risky factors 

Paganella - Family